LVAIR Rising
The Web Series

This web series takes you behind the velvet rope to experience the high stakes game of creating an airline custom-designed to appeal to the jet set, service Las Vegas’ biggest whales and cater to celebrity-size egos.

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LVAIR Rising
Web Series

The story of LVAIR Rising is a story of creating a new luxury brand and the creation of a new experiential marketing paradigm that combines lifestyle, aspirational travel and the allure of being part of something truly spectacular.

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See the backstabbing and winning boardroom negotiations.


See and hear every slippery partnering discussion.


Watch us make multi-million celebrity endorsement deals.


Watch us recruit the world’s sexiest flight attendants and other members.

The Airline

LVAIR is the industry’s newest luxury airline in Las Vegas, being built by über-entrepreneur Sean “Liko” Smith and Billionaire and Investment Powerhouse Oscar Peters.

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Want To Be Part Of The Show?

Want to be part of the team that documents the story as it unfolds or audition for a role? Let us know.

Experience Las Vegas' luxury and excitement like you've never done before.